Ease Hybrid Workplace
Tech Stress

The right video platform can could lower the tech stress level of all your teams, HR staff, remote offices, AND your IT department.

Download our guide and learn how to immediately relieve hybrid workplace technology frustrations.

Is your video communication a hodge-podge of applications?

Are your employees frustrated and wasting time by switching between them for video conferencing, streaming, and accessing video files?

How does your IT department feel about so many sign-ons and mitigating network vulnerabilities via third party sites? 

With our free best practices guide you’ll learn what to look for in a single video communication platform to make everyone at your company happy.

Expediting Justice
“Bringing video to our court system has been very helpful in solving problems and communicating. DEVOS makes it incredibly easy. DiscoverVideo has worked with us to develop a platform that allows us the flexibility for our specific uses. They truly listen to their customers to make the program better.”

Paul Culbertson
AV Architect for Kentucky Court System

Who Is DiscoverVideo?

DiscoverVideo is comprised of pioneers of the video communications and digital media industries. They continue to innovate their offerings to meet 21st Century video and technology demands.

DiscoverVideo manufactures DEVOS, the all-in-one enterprise video streaming and digital media management system.

DiscoverVideo also manufactures video encoders, digital signage appliances, and software for live streaming and video-on-demand management.

Schools, higher education, businesses, governmental and health organizations, of every size and technical ability, across the United States, use their products and services to easily create and manage digital media across public and private networks.

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