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DVMECaptiva allows you to instantly stream, capture, and record live HD, SD, and computer graphics video from a laptop or desktop computer using only one USB 3.0 port. Far more cost effective than appliance-based solutions, Captiva gives you incredible performance, quality, and unrivaled simplicity.

No Drama

When doing a live video stream, you can't have technical drama. If you have tried other low cost USB 3.0 devices, you'll be pleasantly surprised that the Captiva works perfectly without driver and reliability issues. No more cracking the lid and installing PCIe cards in PCs, and now you can do true HD streaming from a laptop.

Self Contained
Captiva is powered from the USB 3.0 interface directly without connecting to heavy power adapters, making it very easy to carry. You can do a live dual-channel video shoot with equipment you carry in just a briefcase.

Professional Processing
You can scale or clip the HD and SD input signals, to customize the video to fit your requirements and bring a more personalized experience. Captiva lets you adjust colors, image contrast, brightness, color saturation, hue and Gamma. The brightness and contrast of R, G, B can be set separately, and it provides motion-adaptive de-interlacing. The moving image will have not the phenomenon of trailing, which ensures a clearer video. Captiva uses 10-bit AD converter to produce great quality, and the image details are colorful with a high signal-to-noise ratio which reduces the noise and high frequency color edge artifacts. And DVME give you advanced features like Chroma key, watermarks, and titles.

Captiva is compatible with Discover Video's award-winning DVME and with most 3rd party encoders that support standard Windows DirectShow. 

The Captiva USB 3.0 capture devices allow you to use a portable laptop rather than a full desktop machine for your live webcasting, and one device replaces two PCIe cards or USB input devices. Even when you stream at SD rates, you no longer need to purchase or carry extra media interface converters because Captiva accepts just about any video interface you will encounter, from HDSDI to VGA, DVI, and composite.
For single channel SD video only Captiva works on existing USB 2.0 ports too.


Captiva HDMIThe Captiva HDMI is a simple plug-and-play input dongle that accepts conventional HDMI input and delivers the live video to your Windows or MAC computer via USB 3.0.  Drives are built-in to the device.  Compatible with DVME and most 3rd party encoders. *Driver is built-in, no need to download anything.



Captiva HD+SDThe Captiva HD+SD supports two simultaneous video inputs. One input may be HD (DVI, VGA, HDMI, Component), and the other may be SD (composite).  The two live videos are delivered to your Windows computer via USB 3.0.  Compatible with DVME and most 3rd party encoders. Captiva includes adapters and USB 3.0 cable. Requires Driver installation.


Captiva HD+HD The Captiva HD+HD supports two simultaneous video inputs. Each input may be HD (DVI, VGA, HDMI, Component) or SD composite. Captiva includes adapters and USB 3.0 cable. Requires Driver installation.




Captiva HD+HD The Captiva All-In-One supports a single channel input using either SDI, HDMI, VGA, DVI, Component, or composite video. Captiva includes adapters and USB 3.0 cable. Requires Driver installation.




The Discover Video Solution

Captiva extends the power of the DVME, but its power truly lies in being a part of Discover Video’s complete streaming solution. When combined with DEVOS, Discover Video’s streaming and management portal , streams from the DVT can delivered anywhere within your network. Add Arcus, Discover Video’s Internet streaming services, to reach an audience in your local community or anywhere in the world.

Streaming and managing video is just part of the Discover Video solution, but what makes it great is the flexibility it provides when viewing live and on-demand content. Discover Video’s Soft Top Box and Roku™ Channel allow you to watch video on televisions and projectors, while it can also be viewed on  computers, tablets and smartphones natively, with no additional software.


  • Fits in your pocket
  • No need to install PCIe Cards
  • Stream/Capture video + VGA/DVI from your laptop or desktop
  • Automatic input type detection
  • Capture & Stream SD or HD
  • Simple, automatic operationLive video streaming and capture using laptop or desktop
  • Compatible with Windows PCs
  • USB 3.0 simplicity
  • Low Power
  • Automatic VGA mode detection
  • Works with Discover Video Multimedia Encoder. Demo version included.
  • Compatible with 3rd party encoders
  • Models include
    - 2 channel USB 3.0 HD / DVI / VGA / Composite
    - 2 channel USB 3.0 HD/VGA + SD
    - 1 channel USB 3.0 all-in-one
    - 1 channel USB 3.0 HDMI
  • Supports 7 x 24 operation




DVME or DVME PRO turns a PC or laptop computer into a powerful video streaming solution. All you need is a computer, a webcam or external camera/capture device, and the DVME software to start streaming video..

This all-in-one media management and streaming server, installed on-premise or in the cloud, provides everything you need to deliver live and on-demand streaming content within your organization to virtually any viewing device.

Live and on-demand video can be delivered from Discover Video’s streaming solutions to computers on the local network or over the Internet without the need for special software.

DVME Rover
For users looking for an every-day turnkey solution, the Rover comes with the DVME software preinstalled on a high-end laptop that is streamlined for capturing and streaming video.

Discover Video’s subscription-based online streaming service that delivers video over the Internet to viewer’s computers and mobile devices. Perfect for organizations looking to stream video regularly.

Discover Video enables any television or video projector to access and play live and on-demand video using our Soft Top Box® or a special add-on for the Roku® player.

DVME Spirit
Quiet operation makes this high performance desktop system ideal for permanent installations that require HD quality.

Easily stream live and on-demand video to Apple devices, such as iPhones® and iPads®, as well as to Android™ tablets and smartphones.

DVME Nomad
This portable system is perfect for users who need professional features and HD video streaming on the go.

Streamsie™ is a powerful and easy-to-use video streaming app for your iPad.

The Discover Video Live Transcoder (DVT) provides real-time transcoding of live legacy streaming formats such as MPEG-2, Windows Media, and Flash, into live H.264 streams enabling these streams to be delivered to televisions, computers and mobile devices.

Download Datasheet Download Captiva Datasheet
Captiva allows you to instantly stream, capture, and record live HD, SD, and computer graphics video from a laptop or desktop computer using only one USB 3.0 port.
Download Datasheet Download Captiva HDMI Datasheet
Captiva allows you to instantly stream, capture, and record live HD or computer graphics video from a HDMI source using only one USB 3.0 port.